Keeping an Eye on Your Workforce

"Most employment laws are designed to be in favor of the employee.
LGL was specifically created to provide services to protect the employer."

— Leslie Lipin, President
Employee Theft

75% of employees steal from their
workplace, and most do it repeatedly.
— US Chamber of Commerce

5% of a company’s annual revenue is lost
to employee fraud and theft.
— US Small Business Association


It takes an average of 2 years before a
company will discover office fraud.

Companies with under 100 employees
often lack proper internal controls,
making them easy targets
for dishonest employees.
— Assoc of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)


Employees who spend at least 1 hour
per week on nonwork activities
cost U.S. companies $130 billion annually.

The average employee steals
4 hours and 5 minutes every week.
— American Payroll Association

Our Services

Audit Investigations
  • Evaluate Management Tasks
  • Locate Operational Discrepancies
  • Uncover Procedure Violations
  • Review Financial Record Keeping
On-Site Business Surveillance
Workflow Consulting
  • Review Operations to Enhance Efficiencies
  • Evaluate Employee Productivity
  • Identify Areas Vulnerable to Fraud
  • Implement Checks and Balances
Maximize Workforce Performance
Integrity Shopping
  • Uncover Employee Theft
  • Observe Customer Service
  • Evaluate Procedures
  • Identify Performance Issues
Employee Observation as a Customer

About Us

Who We Are

LGL Business Solutions is a licensed private detective agency located in Highland Park, Illinois. Founded in 1991, LGL was created with the objective of providing tools to aid companies in the prevention of employee fraud and dishonesty.

What We Do

We provide assistance to financial and loss prevention departments, retail managers, owner/operators and human resources with custom designed internal investigation programs. Based on the work we do, LGL is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity. We maintain the highest standards in our daily operations.

Our Clients

We work with a diverse group of companies in various industries. Our clients include retail stores, financial institutions, restaurants, healthcare providers, staffing agencies, construction and manufacturing companies.

Contact Us

LGL Internal Management, Inc.
1910 First Street
Highland Park, IL 60035

P: 847.681.8815
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